Coloured pencil on paper, ink on tracing paper, A4 printed texts, coloured pencil on maps, video: 40 mins, 2000

Installation views, Galerie M+R Fricke, Düsseldorf.

Application for an Artist's Residency in Scotland

Project Proposal

During a period of residency in Scotland I would continue working on the project Guide To Life.

The specific work within Guide To Life that I would wish to realise is:

My Philosophical Beliefs

(Guide To Life I.1: Basic Philosophy)

In order to do this I would firstly need to realise the work:

Understanding Philosophy

(Guide To Life II.1: Necessary Knowledge: Philosophy)

For the work "Understanding Philosophy" I would undertake to read all of the major works of Philosophy. My reading would be accompanied by note-taking. The final work would be a reference index in which the gathered material would be organised under a logical ordering system.

For the work "My Philosophical Beliefs" I would analyse and assess the gathered material of the work "Understanding Philosophy" with the aim of producing a definitive philosophical foundation for both the work Guide To Life and my life.

"My Philosophical Beliefs" is the most fundamental part of the chapter Basic Philosophy, which, as the first chapter in Guide To Life, is the foundation for Guide To Life as a whole.

The fact that "My Philosophical Beliefs" has not yet been realised throws doubt upon the validity of the works that are part of Guide To Life. Without a sound philosophical basis the informed decisions which are the cornerstone of art production cannot be possible.

Recognising this, I repeatedly attempt to produce "My Philosophical Beliefs", but am prevented by my state of philosophical ignorance. I am forced to postpone the completion of the work until I have the opportunity to do the thorough research necessary.

I now feel that it cannot be postponed any further. An opportunity to be able to dedicate myself to the realisation of this work is vital to my future as an artist.

A residency in Scotland where I could work for three years with no distractions and guaranteed financial support would give me this opportunity.

During my residency in Scotland I would choose to live in the Outer Hebrides as I believe that there I would obtain the peace and isolation that is necessary to complete the above-mentioned work., 28.09.2000 22:07:45 - message from Lucy Harvey


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Dear Alice,

How are you? I hope you remember me - we met at the Glasgow Art Fair in February. Sorry I haven't written before now.

I'm actually writing to you to ask you if you could possibly do a favour for me. You probably remember me talking to you about wanting to live in the Outer Hebrides and now I'm finally moving there. I applied for a residency from the Scottish Arts Council and I just heard today that I got it so I've got money for three years which is great.

My only problem now is that I need to find somewhere to live and what I was wondering was if you could buy me an Outer Hebrides newspaper (hopefully there is one) that has ads for places to rent in it and send it to me here in Germany. We can only get the London papers here and I looked on the internet but I could only find information about hotels and package holidays and places to buy which doesn't help much.

In case you haven't got it my address is: Merkurstrasse 36A, 40223, Duesseldorf.

Thanks a lot for doing this. I'll be travelling through Glasgow again very soon on my way to the islands so I'll get in touch and we can meet for a drink.

take care and see you very soon,


Printed for lucy harvey

Lucy Harvey

Merkurstrasse 36A

40223 Düsseldorf


Duncan McLeod

Buaile nam Bodach Farm

Barra HS9 5TQ

Outer Hebrides



Dear Mr. McLeod,

I am writing in reply to your advertisement in the Western Isles Gazette about a croft for rent and would very much appreciate some more information about it.

I am intending to live in the Outer Hebrides for a period of at least three years and would firstly need to know if your croft would be available to rent on a semi-permanent basis and if it would be suitable for living in all-year-round. Specifically, given that there is no electricity or running water, could you tell me what the arrangements are for lighting, cooking, heating, water, toilet facilities etc?

Would you be able to describe the croft for me – how large it is and maybe a bit about what it looks like? Also could you tell me exactly where on Vatersay it is located? I am definitely looking for somewhere in a "very peaceful situation", ideally not too close to other houses. Given that there is no road access I would also need to know how generally accessible the location is especially in terms of getting food and other supplies. I have a map of the island and there seems to be a post office in the village of Bhatarsaigh but could you tell me if there is also a shop there?

Lastly, as I am travelling from Germany I won't be bringing any furniture with me and I was wondering if the croft was either already furnished or if it would be possible for you to provide me with any furniture.

I would be very grateful if you could write back to me as soon as possible. I am moving to the Outer Hebrides in early to mid October and need to have found somewhere to live before this time.

Yours sincerely,

Lucy Harvey

Merkurstrasse 36A

40223 Düsseldorf


Duncan McLeod

Buaile nam Bodach Farm

Barra HS9 5TQ

Outer Hebrides



Dear Mr. McLeod,

Thank you very much for your letter. I would very much like to rent your croft. I will be arriving in Castlebay on the 13th October at 2:30 and I would be very pleased if you were able to meet me from the ferry. If I don't hear anything further from you then I will assume that this suits you and I'll look forward to meeting you then.